We will collect you in Portree in my Blazemobile and whisk you off to my secret places. We only take a maximum of 4 passengers and 2 well behaved dogs as this allows us to deliver a more ‘personal service’. We strongly advise you have proper footwear and, of course, Skye being Skye, mind and bring waterproof clothing. We have 2 levels of walk, these being Blaze Walks and easier routes, The Wii Walks



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To introduce myself, I’m Blaze. Dad calls me the ‘Special One’ as I was born 11/11/11.

I’ve climbed, (with Dad of course), over 100 Munros, (mountains that are over 3,000ft), so know my way a wee bit around the hills.

In August 2019, I’m to be the star in Lin Andersons 14th book in her Rhona MacLeod series, Time for the Dead, set here on Skye.

This is my brother, who is half Collie and half Panda.

He has 3 names. His 1st Gaelic name is Laoch, (meaning Hero), and the 2nd is Corag Dubh (Black Finger) as he has white paws, except for…well…one black finger. However, he is more often referred to by his Chinese name of Wii Shiite.

Walks we do

Ben Tianavaig

Sitting above Portree at a little under 1,400ft, ‘The Ben’ is a beautiful little mountain and one of our favourites, with views over to the island of Raasay, North to The Storr and South to The Cuillin.

It has plummeting cliffs on its eastern side, inhabited by many species of seabirds and the white tailed sea eagles are also known to nest here.

We start this walk from sea level from the bay at Camus Tianavaig where many a seal is known to pop its head above water to greet us.

As we gain height, every 100ft climbed gifts us with even more superb views.

If we’re lucky, we may even catch a glimpse of the aforementioned sea eagles or possibly minky whales as they swim in the Sound of Raasay.

An Aird (the secret beach)

An Aird, which translates as The Penisula, consists of amazing double bay leading over to the island and is the best place to view the majesty of Ben Tianavaig. It’s a gentle walk down to the shore, and often, the seals will pop up to say hello at the beach.

Once over onto the island, we will explore the blowholes and admire the 360 degree views over to Raasay, the twin peaks of Glamaig and all the way north to the Trotternish ridge.

In the summer, the whole eastern cliffside is festooned with Seapinks, bonny wee flowers.

We usually stop for treats at what Dad calls Fred Flintstones bench, a natural 3 seater rock formation.

A grand place for a picnic and a doggy swim.

The Quiraing

Used as a surreal location in many films, The Quiraing is a classic example of Skyes amazing scenery. It does however contain a wee secret that few know of (but we do).

Firstly, we take you off the beaten track and up onto The Prison, a double peaked outcrop of rock where once climbed, you get great pics of the pinnacle.

Then it’s back down to the trail, up the slopes, around the pinnacle and enter into the bowels of the Quiraing itself.

This is achieved by passing through a hidden passage in the cliff face. Once inside, it’s like a cathedral with spires of rock towering above.

We then venture further in and find it’s 2nd secret, a flat topped grass table. Another grand picnic spot.

Fairy Pools (via Sligachan)

Most tour companies when doing the Fairy Pools will drop you at the car parking area in the glen, and from there it’s a mere 10 minutes walk to the pools, usually with coachloads of others.

We can do this if you wish…but…our route is special.

We walk from Sligachan along the base of the Cuillin, passing the pinnacles of Sgurr nan Gillean, Am Bastier and Bruch na Frith, up onto the bealach with its wee lochan, then down into the headwaters of the Fairy Pools.

There’s lots of wee waterfalls and pools just as good, if not better on our route, and best of all, there will usually be no crowds.

It’s a long 6 hours walk (return), but oh so worth it.

Fairy Glen

Fairy glen is a truly magical location, dotted with small pyramid-like hills that have apple strudel lacing decorating them.

Once again, rather than park in the usual places, we stop off a wee bit early and walk in over the top of the glen until we arrive at the stack of rock, known as Castle Ewan.

This has a narrow path up to the top, where, with a bit of a squeeze, you can squish through and stand on the summit with great views all around and then down below to the ‘fairy rings’ and the lochan.

Sgurr na Stri

Now, this walk/scramble is for those just a wee bit more dedicated.

Sgurr na Stri (peak of strife), has been described as one of the best viewpoints in the country and once up there, you will see why.

You gaze across over the glen to the whole of the Black Cuillin ridge, and way down below is Loch Coruisk (cauldron of water).

There are 2 ways of getting here, firstly via Sligachan which is a long and weary walk, especially on the way back out, or the way we love, which is by getting the ferry from Elgol and sailing into the loch, then climbing the two summits of Sgurr na Stri from there.

Of course, whilst at Elgol, it would be a shame not to visit the ‘Honeycomb Rock’ that sits just along the bay from the harbour.

Saint Columbas Isle

Tucked away out of view, just a stones throw from the road, you could drive past this little island a hundred times, yet never even realise it’s there.

It’s accessed via a wee wooden bridge walkway. We like to ask visitors to find the 2 Knights, A Skull and Crossbones and the blind man.

Really easy wee stroll and grand for a quick visit or to just sit and watch the River Snizort flow past.

(Nae guddling the salmon though)…..

Loch Shianta

Tucked away in a wee hidden glen on the north east of the island sits Loch Shianta.

To date, we have never met anyone else on our wee jaunts to this gem of a location. It’s a great place for a picnic, sitting by the crystal clear water that shimmers with green and turquiose.

From the lochan, there are also grand views over to the island of Rhona and as far as the Torridon mountains on the mainland.

A nice easy wee stroll.

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